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We can help you with your private pension arrangements

We provides you with all the support you need in arranging your pension provision. With our expert advice, you can plan for the times ahead and have an active influence on your future financial situation.

What does the future hold for pension benefits in Switzerland?
So far, the Swiss pensions system has been strong enough to meet the demands placed on it but there are two problems that present a serious challenge to its immediate future: The dramatic shift in the age structure of the Swiss population and the early retirement. Retiring early from one's job before reaching the official retirement age specified for the First or Second Pillar is increasingly becoming the norm.

First Pillar (AHV/IV) designed to guarantee a basic level of subsistence in old age, will be stretched to the limit in future as far as the funding of these benefits is concerned.
Second Pillar (pension fund) designed to maintain the accustomed standard of living, will become increasingly more important as a form of provision of benefits.
Third Pillar which provides tax-privileged restricted and unrestricted provisions of benefits, will increasingly be employed to cover gaps in pension provisions.
How to prevent gaps in benefit provisions
Benefits payable on retirement under the First and Second Pillar often only amount to 60% of the final salary you earn. If there are any gaps in your pension contributions or you decide to take early retirement, the shortfall may be even greater. This has important repercussions on the Third Pillar: additional pension provision taken out by the private individual is becoming increasingly more essential. The capital invested, plus any returns earned on it, will have to make up the shortfall in pensions at least in part.

J. Safra Sarasin Vested Benefits Foundation

The target audience:
The Sarasin Vested Benefits Foundation Plan is designed to preserve Second Pillar pension benefits of people who leave their job before entitlement to pension benefits and do not enter a new employee benefits fund or have surplus pension contributions on entering a new employee benefits fund and wish to invest these actively.
Your benefits:
Funds are invested in shares in the J. Safra Sarasin Investment Foundation (SAST). You can switch your savings freely within the Second Pillar to another personal pension fund. No income or capital gains tax payable on your vested benefits until they are paid out. Advance payment or pledging of credits for purchasing an owner-occupied residence or paying off a mortgage under the law promoting home ownership.
Pension benefits are paid out:
Upon reaching retirement age, from the accumulated credits. Upon inception of full disability (in accordance with Art. 9 Para. 2 of the Regulations), from the accumulated credits and also - if there is supplementary term insurance cover - from any entitlement to defined insurance benefits. In the event of death, from the accumulated credits and - if there is supplementary term insurance cover - from any entitlement to defined insurance benefits.
Early payout of the vested benefits is possible if:
The advance payment is used for purchasing or amortisating an owner-occupied residence, under the law promoting home ownership. An application for payout is made by an insured who is leaving Switzerland permanently or is entering self-employment and does not have to pay compulsory insurance. The insured is drawing a full disability pension from the Federal Disability Insurance Fund and there is no additional cover for the disability risk. Payout of benefits can be delayed up to a maximum of 5 years after reaching official retirement age. For more detailed information, please contact our advisors direct.
Individual asset management
Clients of J. Safra Sarasin’s Vested Benefits Foundation with assets of more than one million Swiss francs can set up a mandate for individual asset management. This gives them the advantage of being able to invest not only in the LLP subfunds managed within the J. Safra Sarasin Investment Foundation, but also in any other assets listed on public stock exchanges. In consultation with their relationship managers, clients draw up a personalised risk profile which then serves as the basis for determining the strategy for their mandate. The portfolio manager then invests the pension assets in accordance with the strategy agreed with the client.

J. Safra Sarasin Pillar 3a Foundation

The advantages of pension savings under the 3rd Pillar
A J. Safra Sarasin Pillar 3a account offers you the chance of saving twice: once when building up your pension credits and again through the tax benefits you earn.
People who belong to a pension fund can pay this year (2016) up to CHF 6,768.– into their Pillar 3a fund, and those who do not have a pension fund can pay in as much as CHF 33,840.–. These contributions can be deducted from your taxable income. With a tax rate of, say, 20%, this can reduce your tax bill by as much as CHF 1,354.– (employee) or CHF 6,768.– (self-employed).
For your payments use the account number IBAN CH45 0875 0006 7971 8130 0, J. Safra Sarasin Pillar 3a Foundation, and write your personal account number or ask us for payment orders.
Until benefits are paid out, you save additional tax, as you do not pay any capital gains tax on your Pillar 3a credits and do not have to pay either income or withholding tax on any proceeds earned.
Payout of benefits
You can draw benefits when you reach the official OASI retirement age.
You also have the right to terminate the contract, but no earlier than five years before reaching OASI retirement age. The accumulated pension credits are also paid out upon the death of the insured. The pension credits may also be used to purchase or build your own home or for paying back a mortgage. Also an application for payout is made by an insured who is leaving Switzerland permanently.
More information can be found in the regulations.
Payments of pension benefits are taxable in accordance with the regulations effective when benefits are drawn (federal withholding tax, income tax, etc.)

Saving through equity investments under the 2nd and 3rd Pillar

Your active contribution
If you have a J. Safra Sarasin pillar 3a account or a J. Safra Sarasin vested benefits account, you can benefit from our BVG Life Cycle solution, which allows you to make an active contribution to maximising the return on your pension investments with a level of risk that suits you.
J. Safra Sarasin BVG Life Cycle for your individual risk profile
Bank J. Safra Sarasin's BVG Life Cycle offers six J. Safra Sarasin investment foundation modules which provide a seamless transition from the start of the investment process to just before your draw your pension savings. Staggering the strategic equities quota allows you to select at any time an investment strategy that suits your individual risk profile. If your's needs change, and you have to adjust your current investment strategy, you simply change to the module that suits you best.

Subfunds Date: 25.04.2017 Valor
LPP Yield Tranche B 1'207.00  2455713
LPP Income Tranche B 1'330.00  2025114
LPP Sustainability Income Tranche B 1'245.00  3543800
LPP Growth Tranche B 1'822.00  2025128
LPP Sustainability Tranche B 1'376.00  2025138
LPP Future Tranche B 1'246.00  2455745