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J. Safra Sarasin Investment Foundation (SAST) – Investment Group Foreign Swiss Francs Bonds

Fixed-interest investments continue to play a role in the portfolios of pension funds. Developments in the interest rate environment demand a more active yield-optmising management of this investment category.
In order to do this, Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd continuously monitors the macroeconomic environment and develops a suitable investment strategy based on the data and facts it has at its fingertips. The heart of this strategy is the active control of durations and a well-balanced diversification of issuers domiciled abroad.
The overriding priorities for Bank J. Safra Sarasin's investment policy are the quality and liquidity of the individual investments. Our goal is to outperform the benchmark in the medium term.
The portfolio's asset allocation is realised through Bank J. Safra Sarasin's institutional funds.