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J. Safra Sarasin Investment Foundation (SAST) – Investment Group Sustainable Real Estate Switzerland

As property is a stable investment that holds its value well, it belongs in every pension fund portfolio. J. Safra Sarasin Investment Foundation (SAST) now offers a new investment group, "Sustainable Real Estate Switzerland" that combines the advantages of property with the attractive long-term performance prospects for sustainable investments.
"Sustainable Real Estate Switzerland" invests in property in Switzerland with about two thirds in residential housing. The investment group develops new buildings and buys existing ones. Old buildings can be modernised in order to improve their footprint.
Owning units in the investment group "Sustainable Real Estate Switzerland" is a medium to long-term investment which is suitable for employee benefit funds as a complement to existing portfolio holdings or as an alternative to direct investment in property. Asset swaps are possible.
To ensure the long-term success of the investment products, Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd works closely with Vaudoise Investment Solutions AG, Bern (formerly: DR. MEYER Asset Management AG, Bern). Vaudoise Investment Solutions AG is a subsidiary of Vaudoise Versicherungen Holding AG.
The decisions for this new investment group are based on the assessment system developed by Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd for rating the sustainability profile of individual buildings.