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J. Safra Sarasin Investment Foundation 2 (SAST2) – Investment Group Equities World ex Switzerland 2

The investment objective of this investment group is to achieve long-term capital growth. Investments are made in developed market global equities, excluding companies domiciled in Switzerland. The stock selection is based on a multifactor model that targets exposure to momentum, valuation, volatility and quality factors. The individual factors are dynamically weighted over the market cycle. Issuers rated as sustainable in the Sarasin Sustainability Matrix® are eligible for investment.
Relief of withholding tax on dividends from US equities
The Equities World ex Switzerland 2 investment group can make use of a preferential withholding tax rule and receive dividends from US equities without the deduction of withholding tax. Unlike other investment groups or institutional funds, this enables withholding tax losses on US dividends to be avoided and the total dividend to be retained and reinvested without delay.
Relief of Swiss stamp duty
Swiss stamp duty does not apply thanks to the use of a single investor fund that has been established exclusively for this investment group.