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J. Safra Sarasin Investment Foundation (SAST) – Investment Group Sustainable Swiss Equities Domestic

The Sustainable Swiss Equities Domestic investment group invests in companies that generate the vast majority of their revenues in Switzerland. The equity investments are selected based on a combination of sustainability and financial analyses. The investment process helps to identify companies that benefit from ESG* opportunities, while excluding companies that do not have their ESG risks fully under control. The stocks in which the fund invests are reselected every year and no individual positions have a weight exceeding 5%.
Investors participate significantly in the development of the Swiss economy and are less exposed to global economic fluctuations, geopolitical turmoil and currency volatility due to the low share of exports involved. Swiss equities with a domestic focus are suitable as a portfolio addition for investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon. Moreover, the investment is designed for investors that place importance on a sustainability performance.
*ESG = environment, social, governance