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Advantages of sustainable investment

Three good reasons for choosing sustainable investment:

Personal values

Sustainable investment takes into consideration the investor’s personal values. All investors hope for a bright future, where they can enjoy the fruits of their savings in peace. It is therefore in their own interest to contribute towards environmentally and socially sustainable development in the long term.

Economic efficiency

There are also a number of purely financial arguments to show that environmentally aware and socially responsible conduct pays off in the long run for companies – and ultimately for their shareholders as well. There is growing demand for environmentally and socially compatible products. Consumers are even prepared to pay higher prices for sustainable products. This trend is also being encouraged by government measures such as subsidy programmes and limits on emissions.

Form of investment with a competitive return and limited risk

Sustainable investment pays off – and we're not just talking from personal experience. Institutions and academics have been studying this economic relationship for many years. Many studies have actually identified a statistically significant positive effect. Our own study which was widely acclaimed showed the same effect.