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Your sustainable investments

A sustainable portfolio to cater for every need

Sustainable investments are suitable for all investment goals. If the preservation of capital is your priority, you’re more likely to be interested in bonds. If you are looking for opportunities to generate a solid return in the long run, it’s worth considering a greater exposure to equities. You can use both equities and bonds to construct your entire portfolio in a sustainable style. One thing all products have in common is the systematic research and analysis, which ensures an optimal risk-return profile.

Setting priorities with thematic investment

If you are also keen to make the most of the opportunities presented by sustainable development, you can do so through various theme-based investments. You can give weight to certain aspects in your portfolio by selecting themes such as energy efficiency, water, health or sustainable mobility. These themes not only have strong sustainability credentials, but offer attractive return potential.
More information about our sustainable thematic investment you will find in our brochure “The future in your portfolio” and our studies.